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And the packages on your porch can pile up quickly around this time of year, which is a rather enticing sight for package thieves. Here are ways to use your home automated system to prevent package theft this holiday season. Activate perimeter motion sensor alarms Activate perimeter motion sensor alarms around your property, both when you’re at home and when you aren’t. Just because you’re there doesn’t mean you’re monitoring the porch, aware of every package that arrives—and every thief that takes an interest. Perimeter alarms will notify you each time anyone enters your property. So if it’s UPS, you can grab… Read moreThe weather outside may be frightful to you, but it could be a welcome sight to burglars who take advantage of winter conditions to break into homes.

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When it comes to selecting your perfect security camera, you may not know where to start.

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The tip also works for organizing the family chores.

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